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Beast: The Primordial is the tenth major supernatural game for the Chronicles of Darkness, published by Onyx Path Publishing.

The game was designed with crossover compatibility in mind, the Beast's mythology viewing almost all types of supernaturals as kin. As such, even though e.g. Forsaken are seen as "cousins", they are still considered offspring of the Dark Mother. It is also one of the first gamelines of the New World of Darkness that is not directly based on a gameline from the Classic World of Darkness.

Beast: The Primordial Rulebook

The Begotten

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In Beast: The Primordial, you are one of the Begotten: a human being with a monster's soul; not just any monster, but one of the great monsters of legend: A titan, dragon, gryphon, kraken, or the great unseen threat. You’ve been having the same nightmare for a long time, possibly all your life, the kind of nightmares humans have had since the dawn of time. Maybe you were stalked by an unyielding, unseen hunter; dropped from great heights; pulled down into the waters, slowly drowning; left helpless in the face of overwhelming power; or perhaps something so ugly was hunting you that just the thought of seeing it might jump-scare you enough to wake up.

However, you decided you were done with being a victim and turned to face the monster; in doing so, you realized that YOU are monster- you have always been the Beast. Now that you embrace your true nature, you understand yourself so much better. Even though this experience may have been dramatic, it is also a huge relief: the Beast understands why it is different, why it never felt like it fit in, and where its strange urges come from.


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Family is one of the main thematics for the game. The Begotten organize themselves in five Families that draw on heritage from the Dark Mother, each representing a different aspect of monstrosity and Nightmare.


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Beasts have certain needs that they need to fulfill, so-called Hungers. They correspond to the "typical" behaviour of monsters in stories, e.g. hoarding riches (though not necessarily gold or even valuables). However, the Hunger is a metaphysical need, not a physical one. As such, a Beast with a Hunger for Ruin can feed on destroying the rich's sense of security (by a brick thrown through a window or writing messages in their kitchen when they are not home, for example) as easily as by wrecking someone's car or legs.



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As Beasts sate their Hungers too recklessly, they draw danger of attracting Heroes, mortals with low Integrity that become obsessed with the idea of having to be the one who kills the Beast. These Heroes can inflict Anathema into the Beast's soul, making it weak to standard weaknesses experienced by monsters in myths and movies.

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