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Beast-of-War, called Younger Brother by the Pure Tribes,[1] is one of the three heads of the Triatic Wyrm. It is the Wyrm of Calamity, a monster of senseless rage, ready to destroy all in its path.


Garou glyph indicating the Beast-of-War.

The Beast-of-War would be as unrestrained as the Wyld, were it not for the Weaver’s webs. Limitless rage fuels it, and destructive instincts guide it. Its minions range from self-destructive shock troops that hurl themselves pell-mell into battle to hulking brutes who delight in overpowering and annihilating their victims. Acting through humans, the Beast-of-War can degenerate healthy competition into brutal conflict, culminating in bloodlust that makes no distinction between friend and foe. During the Banestorm, its servants were unleashed in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.[2]

To the vampire, it’s the Beast that shreds the last fragments of humanity. For the Garou, it’s liberating Rage without the mitigating wisdom of Gnosis. The Get of Fenris call this entity the Midgard Serpent, but to many occultists, it’s known as the Calamity Wyrm or the Wyrm of Destruction.

It is said by some that frenzy and Rage are this Wyrm's blessings. This Triatic Wyrm is analogous to the Wyld's love of chaos, but here it is a chaos achieved via destructive terror.