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The Bay City Marshals were a Court-Order hybrid of changelings and mages alike that was active during the days of the Wild West.


I’m taking you in for kidnapping, murder, and treason against humanity.

The 1848 gold rush led to a population boom in San Francisco, which itself contributed to a great deal of lawlessness, both from the mortal side of the city and the supernatural. Mages disgusted by their fellows’ cruelties formed their own Nameless Order to stop such predation. Meanwhile, in the 1950s, the sole survivor of a motley decimated by loyalists and huntsmen made the Bargain with Retaliation and founded the Court of the Leafless Tree to seek vengeance for his lost friends.

Over time, the Order and Court drifted together, taking on joint operations when either found it too risky to act alone. Eventually, the two agreed to join in a permanent partnership.

Composed of vigilantes, this order devotes itself to the adjudication of justice, regardless of whether the law recognizes their authority. The Hangmen believe strongly in retribution — that they must punish wrongdoers so as to balance the scales.

The Marshals’ gravest enemies are those associated with the Exarchs, the Abyss, and the True Fae — that is to say, privateers, loyalists, Scelesti, and Seers of the Throne.


The Bay City Marshals see Retaliation as an outpouring of the Wyrd itself, and it is with Retaliation that their bargain is made. Specifically, they exact retribution with pinpoint precision, matching punishments to crimes so as to keep the ledgers balanced as cleanly as possible. In exchange, those who break the Court’s law within the freehold, including non-fae supernaturals and mortals, become marked by a sigil visible to supernatural sight, which persists even if the culprit escapes the freehold. The sigil can, however, be washed away by sincere atonement.

The Awakened who work alongside these Lost hold similar views, believing that their own power must be restrained by Wisdom; as such, they must not be excessive in the punishments they dole out.

In order to fulfill the expected power transition that keeps Courts alive, Awakened and Lost rule by turns, changing on the completion of a major manhunt. In the former case, focus leans toward the protection of the innocent. In the latter case, vengeance is the focus.

Associated Powers


The Contracts of Retaliation are imbued with powers relating to vengeance, justice, and the hunt thereof.


The Hangman’s Mantle is a subtly violent thing, bringing into the air the sensations of gunsmoke, blood, and trail dust. Dust devils whirl about and bystanders can feel the noose tightening around their necks.


Awakened symbolism tends toward images of roaming lawkeepers — gallows, pistol duels, high noon, nooses, and the like.



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