The Battle of Isle Royale was part of the Great Lakes Campaign and an action of the Accordance War.

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The Nockers had built serviceable, if somewhat bizarre-looking, ships of war to keep the nobles out of the Great Lakes. Not to be outdone, the nobles had their own ships; long, sleek crafts with billowed sails driven by unnatural winds. They were as beautiful as they were deadly. The Great Lakes Campaign was unique in that it was mostly fought on water and shoreline.

In the western half of Lake Superior lies a sparsely populated island known as Isle Royale, and it was here that the sidhe went to make a base. It was said that Dafyll considered building Tara-Nar on Isle Royale.

Two fleets, each with a dozen or more ships, squared off south of the island. With canons, burning arrows, catapults, and finally with grappling hooks, rams, and swords, the nobles and commoners battled for the better part of the day. The nockers had heavier armaments, but the sidhe had faster and more maneuverable vessels. Though both sides were battered, the commoners were the one who had to limp away. The sidhe allowed the retreat, for they were more interested in the island, and by nightfall their forces had occupied it. They had quite a surprise that night, for they found out too late that they were in the territory of some particularly misanthropic werewolves who set upon the company with vicious abandon. Only a fraction of the invaders managed to return to their ships.

As you know, Tara-Nar was built in New York State. Even today, changelings give Isle Royale a wide berth. I’d love to ask the fleet commander if he knew all along about the wolves. I suspect he did. Sadly, he was killed a month later when his flagship went down under a heavy barrage.

  • Foundations laid for Tara-Nar: May 1st, 1973.
  • Great Lakes Campaign: May 3rd-October 21, 1973.
  • Battle for the Huron: May 28th, 1973.
  • Battle of Isle Royale: August 11th, 1973.

References Edit

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