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A Basilisk Stone is a Level 1 Treasure that allows Nockers to function around Nice Nellies.


Unfortunately, most people don't appreciate Nocker speech habits and while the nockers may rail against such harsh judgements, even they understand there are times when they need to shut up and that can be difficult to do. A Basilisk Stone is, therefore, invaluable while at court or when trying to hold down a job in the mundane world. Although Blistertongue Jill shattered the first and greatest of these treasures, the shards of the original still hold some of Byzamedas' old magic.



A Nocker can curse into the stone and the player makes a Willpower roll, difficulty 5. The nocker then feels no desire to curse for one hour for each success rolled, but may not use the stone again until it digests the obscenities uttered, which takes the same number of hours as the nocker was able to go without cursing. If the Willpower roll fails, the character fails to produce or reach their stone in time before a curse issues from their mouth. "Furk! Oh Furk, I missed. Furk, I said furk! Oh... furk."

Nockers without a Basilisk stone may stop themselves from cursing with the expenditure of a Willpower point and a successful Willpower roll at difficulty 6. They stop cursing for 6 hours per success. A Nocker with the Flaw Foul Mouth uses a stone at difficulty 7. If their Willpower roll to curse into it botches, they get to the stone in time but overcome its absorptive powers and the stone shatters into fine dust and is useless.


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