Bao Qun is a Kuei-jin of the Victorious Whirlwind wu that has recently come to Hong Kong.


Bao Qun was a product of China’s Cultural Revolution. He worked hard to revolutionize his consciousness, breaking traditions and outmoded culture and superstition. He served in the People’s Liberation Army and traveled through China. He was ruthless in stamping out signs of cultural recidivism and earned respect from his comrades-in arms.

He was killed by a stone thrown at the head by a hidden reactionary. His soul was then tortured in the Yomi World as multiple crimes flashed through his P’o consciousness – the execution of innocents because they would not give up the old ways, his pride in false doctrines, and his ignoring and repudiating the sacred truths of existence. He finally became so enraged that he ripped free of his prison and reentered the world of the living.

He was brought almost instantly to the Ancestor of Beijing when he was found. The Ancestor noticed Qun’s fervor and questioned him at length about his desire to atone. Qun was then assigned to the Victorious Whirlwind.

Bao Qun arrived in Hong Kong with his wu and seeks to fulfill his Dharma by accepting the traditions he once disdained. His job is to ferry messages from the Spirit World to his wu. Despite his path to accept the traditions of old, Bao Qun is still a child of New China. If he cannot divest himself of the old ways then he is going to make sure that Hong Kong’s Kuei-jin purge themselves of their capitalist, foreign-influenced trappings.

Character Sheet

Bao Qun
Nature: Visionary
P'o Nature: The Barbarian
Demeanour: Fanatic
Chi Balance: Balanced
Direction: West
Dharma: Way of the Resplendent Crane 3
Physical: Strength 4, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3
Social: Charisma 4, Manipulation 2, Appearance 3
Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 4
Talents: Alterness 3, Athletics 3, Brawl 4, Dodge 3, Intimidation 3, Stealth 3
Skills: Drive (army truck) 4, Etiquette 1, Firearms 4, Melee 2, Repair 3, Security 3, Stealth 3
Knowledges: Investigation 2, Law (military) 3, Linguistics 2, Occult 1, Politics 4
Disciplines: Black Wind 2, Blood Shintai 2, Equilibrium 1, Obligation 2, Yang Prana 2
Backgrounds: Allies 2, Resources 1
Chi Virtues: Yin 5, Yang 5
Soul Virtues: Hun 6, P'o 4
Willpower: 8


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