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Banī: Arabic for "the sons of", and appears before the name of a tribal progenitor. For example, "Banī Kinānah" would literally mean "the sons of Kinānah", hence the Kinānah tribe. See Banu

Bani is a title used in the Traditions, primarily by the Order of Hermes, although Hermetics often use it as an honorific to non-Hermetics. The term is used to denote a Mage's origin, and means "of the House of."


The term has one of three common forms:

  1. Used to refer to a mage of a given Tradition
  2. Used within the Order of Hermes to refer to a mage of a given House
  3. Used when speaking to non-Hermetics to refer to a mage of a given House (two variants)
    • Phil Brucato, bani Tytalus, bani Hermes
    • Phil Brucato, Hermes bani Tytalus

It should be noted that bani generally takes the place of appellations such as "Brotherhood," "Cult of," "Order of," and "Sons of." The single exception seems to be "Chorus," which is kept.

The Tremere still use this honorific, albeit sparingly, since their House converted en masse to vampires. Such usage is always restricted to the "bani Tremere" format (e.g. "Grimgroth bani Tremere"), or "bani Goratrix" in the case of the antitribu and the renegades of House Goratrix.


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