Banes are evil spirits in service of the Wyrm.



Garou glyph for "Bane".

Banes run the full gamut, from weak and relatively harmless to hideously powerful creatures capable of rending reality around them. Weak Banes are frequently used to infect humans and animals, turning them into fomori.

More powerful Banes can completely possess their host, obliterating all traces of their previous personality. More powerful Banes can also materialize in the real world, without need to possess a host. They will simply manifest horrible twisted versions of their spiritual form in the real world and go about their business.

There are many different types of Banes; some of the more notable varieties include:

  • Elemental Banes- these Wyrmish elementals mirror the traditional four elements in corrupted form: toxin (water), smog (air), sludge (earth), and balefire (fire). Balefire banes are the most feared as they can produce horrible mutations in creatures that come in contact with them.
  • Scrags- these are warrior banes covered in chitinous armour. They frequently run in packs and will actively hunt creatures of Gaia.
  • Psychomachiae- Psychomachiae are powerful banes that feed on carnage and death. They often possess weak-willed humans and send them on killing sprees. They may also subtly whisper into the ear of their targets, encouraging them to engage in ever more brutal acts. Many callous vampires unwittingly attract psychomachiae, due to their brutal feeding habits.
  • Nexus Crawlers- these powerful creatures warp reality around them like Silly Putty. Reality literally melts around them. They are one of the most powerful Wyrm-spirits Garou are ever likely to encounter... and many Garou never live to tell of such encounters.
  • The Souleaters, entities which can infect anyone and transmit through Vicissitude or Sanguinus.
  • The Maeljin Incarna- the 13 demon lords of Malfeas, the Maeljin Incarna each serve one of the heads of the Hydra. Each is more hideous than the last. Fortunately they are generally found only in Malfeas, so Garou are unlikely to ever encounter them directly... at least until the Apocalypse comes and they ride out at the front of the armies of the Wyrm. The Maeljin Incarna are easily capable of destroying entire septs of Garou by themselves.



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