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Balthazar's Bracelets are a Level Four Pooka Treasure of the Kithain.



If nothing else, these matching bracelets have a delicate beauty that makes them a special addition to the stash of any pooka who likes pretty, shiny things. However, they also have a very unique benefit when worn. When placed on the wrists, they tighten of their own accord to fit smoothly over the changeling’s forearms, swirling up from wrist to elbow. If the faerie knocks once on the bracelets, they meld to the skin and become ebony tattoos that will shape-shift with the pooka when he changes to his animal mien. In that form, the tattoos simply resemble markings on the animal’s skin. Another knock and the bracelets return to their original form. The bracelets mimic the Oakenshield cantrip (Primal 3). They afford the wearer four extra health levels to protect against grievous harm. They do not hinder Dexterity.


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