Balthasar is a Seelie raccoon Pooka Wilder in Washington, D.C.

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Balthasar is an incredibly cuddly pooka who is fascinated by politics. He merely has to think about the Senate, the Capital building, or the White House and he gets worked up in anticipation of the Glamour that must pour from all those dreams of justice and a better life and from participating in making laws for the country. He'll spend long periods of time in mortal seeming, then remember he's a pooka and run off to a Senate hearing to get a good dose of Glamour. Usually, though, the silly pooka winds up forgetting who and what he is due to the excess of Banality that hangs over most government proceedings.

The poor pooka's predicament has come to the attention of Ayame, who petitioned High King David to make the wilder the Baron of Washington in hopes that giving him some fae politics to enjoy might keep him from constantly returning to Banality Central. So far it hasn't worked. Most of the fae of Washington don't believe that Balthasar is actually baron and those who do believe also know who really controls the city: the Shadow Twins; and have no intention of getting on the bad side of the Unseelie just to play politics with a pooka.

References Edit

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