Balor's Crystal Eye is one of the great Treasures of House Balor.

Overview Edit

When the great Balor of the Evil Eye finally fell in battle, one of the warrior-priests of the Fomorians took out his shattered eye and encased it in a crystal where the healing waters of a well were also stored. He hoped to save and restore it so that it could again be used as a weapon against the Tuatha de Danaan and their get. The eye has been dormant for centuries, however, but with the coming of the Red Star visible in the Dreaming that the fae call the Eye of Balor, the Royal Guardians have bathed the eye in its light in a protected spot. The Crystal Eye has begun to glow a dull red since and great heat is held at bay by the encasing crystal.

The Guardians believe that Balor's eye is once again ready and capable to be used as a weapon. They also believe it will only be of use when it is implanted in someone's empty socket. Early speculation centered on High Lord Li-Tili as the probable wielder, but the Guardians now question that, as some have pointed out that it is only supposed to be Cathal Reborn. The truth is that the eye's powers will only be revealed under the right conditions and for now both the High Lord and his senior staff are reluctant to pluck out an eye to test their theories.

References Edit

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