Balefire Shark fighting a Garou Pack.

Balefire Sharks are Wyrm tainted Rokea.


The balefire sharks were created after many of the Rokea were victim of a nuclear explosion in 1955. Some sharks took a lethal dose of radiation but did not die immediately. Tentacled minions of Lord Kerne, the Master of Balefire, approached these dying weresharks and offered them a chance to survive by embracing the radiation that was killing them. Out of many hundreds of dying sharks, only a handful accepted this hideous offer, but these few, maddened sufficiently by their pain and fear, swore allegiance to the Wyrm — despite knowing that the same force that was killing them now asked for their loyalty.

The balefire elementals sent to aid these traitorous weresharks healed them, but warped and twisted them in the process. As a result, all of these Rokea bear marks of their ordeal and their transformation. In addition to large and terrible scars, all of them also possess some warped features like an additional eye or fin, or some malformed body part that grew back twisted when they healed from the bomb blast. In return for their life, these Balefire Sharks pledged loyalty to the Wyrm and because Gaia (WOD) charged the weresharks to survive, not to fight the Wyrm, most had few regrets about this alliance.

The balefire elementals ordered these sharks to patrol the polluted waters around nuclear power plants and factories producing toxic chemicals, keeping them safe from anyone on land or sea who would interfere with their operation. Balefire Sharks can exist comfortably in both fresh and saltwater, as long as this water is radioactive or otherwise polluted. As a result, a few Balefire Sharks now patrol areas in the Great Lakes, Lake Baikal, the Caspian Sea, and other similar bodies of water.

Since the mid-1950s, many of the Balefire Sharks have learned more about the land, so that they can better protect factories and power plants. However, instead of protecting nuclear sites from interference, most destroy reactors and rip open radioactive waste dumps in order to spread poison across a large area. These insane Balefire Sharks are sometimes too indiscriminately destructive for the Wyrm’s more careful and subtle agents. On a few occasions, agents of the Wyrm have found ways to pass messages to either Rokea or members of another Changing Breed, encouraging them to slay a Balefire Shark whose indiscriminate destruction and overt pollution has gotten in the way of some of the Wyrm’s plans.


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