Baldric LaSalle was a mage of the Order of Hermes, and a founder of the Council of Nine Mystic Traditions.


Baldric was born in 1393 CE. Although his early career is unimpressive, LaSalle eventually attains Mastery. His achievements earn him fame (and infamy) in later years. He overcame his aggressive nature to unify warring factions — a real challenge, given the hatred between magi, Church, and witches.

He was killed during certámen with another Tytali and buried in Horizon.

LaSalle sought out challenges that went beyond mere magical dueling. He spent decades attempting to hone himself into the perfect mind, body, and soul alongside mystical skill. He was an accomplished diplomat and politician, as well as athlete, scholar, and warrior. Stories have him besting Sphinx's riddle contest, outfighting some of Europe's greatest swordsmen, and stealing the hearts of queens both mortal and faerie.



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