A Kuei-jin in attunement with Balance has his Yin and Yang Chi Virtues on an equal rating. In Kuei-jin society, they're the sages, the wanderers, and the seekers of truth. Of all Wan Kuei, they are the ones most interested in inner fulfillment and self-mastery. The Dharmas of the Thousand Whispers and the Inward Way focus on the attainment of Balance.

Vampires who strike for balance realize that they're neither entirely human nor entirely monstrous. They see the undead state as the first step in a riddle of sorts - just as the Buddha could seek enlightenment only when properly centered, so in damnation they have centered themselves between the fundamental poles of existence. Of all Wan Kuei, they are perhaps the most comfortable with what they have become, and yet, of all Hungry Dead, they most desire to transcend their state.

A balanced Kuei-jin has to work hard to not fall into imbalance, otherwise, all benefits of the state are lost.


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