Bakemono is a term used by in the Middle Kingdom to refer to the Fomori.


Bakemono are created like normal Fomori, although the Banes that take part in such unions tend to be different than those in the West. Many bakemono resemble the ogres of Asian myth — they often possess extra arms or eyes, vividly colored skin, distended bellies and wiry limbs.

The Wan Kuei of the Devil-Tiger Dharma are known to utilize bakemono to great extent. In their eyes, bakemono are their subordinates in the Celestial Bureaucracy and are used as cannon fodder and for mean works. Some Devil-Tigers even experiment with breeding various bakemono, creating Half-Devil Children that are similar to Ferectoi.


In Japanese mythology, the term bakemono (or obake) refers to "creatures that have changed from one form to another, generally becoming more powerful in the process. Usually this change is due to the presence of negative feelings, and as such, obake tend to be violent, or even malicious."


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