The Bahari (singular: Ba'ham) are a set of cults that worship Lilith as the Dark Mother. Some of them are vampires who believe Lilith taught Caine the secrets of the Disciplines, but they do not refer to themselves as "Kindred"; rather, rejecting the legacy of Caine entirely, they call themselves Lhaka. Other Bahari are mortals, or Awakened mages (particularly those of Verbena, though allusions are made to the Cult of Ecstasy and Euthanatos).

Bahari practices vary widely depending on their origins; Revelations of the Dark Mother presents a syncretic account based on a mix of scripture and oral tradition. Bahari believe that Lilith, created as the equal of Adam, fled Eden and eventually became the lover of both God and Lucifer. She sheltered Caine after he became the First Murderer, but he later brought his childer (in the form of representatives of the thirteen Clans) to slaughter Lilith's children and defile her garden. For this, Lilith swore revenge against him.

Bahari theology is largely built around the idea that pain leads to revelation and that chaos is a creative force. Lhaka generally practice the Path of Lilith or one of its variations.


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