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Baba Yaga was an enormously powerful Nosferatu methuselah, over 7000 years old. She was the famous childe of the Nosferatu Antediluvian that was not blood bound to her sire. The Little Grandmother was the upholder of the Shadow Curtain and, some believe, the progenitor of the entire modern incarnation of the Nosferatu clan


On dark nights, the Little Grandmother, the iron-toothed hag, would fly across the skies of Russia on her magic mortar, and under her shadow milk spoiled and babies were born dead, or so they said.

Who she was originally – whether she was a shaman of the Rus punished for defying an Antediluvian, the rebel mother of the Nosferatu, or the first of the Nictuku – is now moot. For millennia, the creature Baba Yaga slept under the soil of Russia, perhaps from the time of Kiev to the time of Stalin. However, one night in 1990 CE, she finally awoke, and the legends were a pale approximation of the truth.

To the rest of the world, the Brujah who ruled Russia since the revolution disappeared, as did everything else in the Rodina; a curtain of occult power (the "Shadow Curtain") separated them (and their grisly fates) from the rest of the world while the Little Grandmother rose, found the world not to her liking, and remade it to her needs, occasionally pausing to swat an arrogant sept out of her way.

Baba Yaga might have ruled Russia in perpetuity, but for the legend of Vasilisa, the little girl who completed three impossible tasks for the Little Grandmother. In this case, though, Vasilisa was a Nictuku, and fulfilled her sire's order to hunt and slay all of his unfaithful descendants. Baba Yaga was killed in 1998 in a prelude to the Gehenna to follow.


Picture the most hideous hag imaginable, and you might be able to imagine Baba Yaga. She is an eight-foot-tall monstrosity with four-inch iron claws, sharklike iron fangs, stringy hair, grey, scarred flesh covered in pustules, rheumy eyes thick with cataracts, and a long, crooked nose marred by numerous hairy warts and moles.


For the mythological figure see Baba Yaga.

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