Azi Dahaka is the intermediary form of Nagah. A powerful war form.


The Nagah's "war serpent" form is a terrifying beast resembling more than a giant cobra complete with a barrel torso and a powerful set of "arms" (its arms being more like the flexible trunk of a snake than a human's limbs). Below the torso, the tail (thick enough to balance on) easily runs to a length of 16 to 20 feet; often more. The Nagah largely resembles his serpent form in Azhi Dahaka, although even Nagah descended from non-cobra blood-lines still sport impressive hoods in this form. Azhi Dahaka may unhinge their jaws at will, and are able to breathe water as easily as air. Regardless of the Nagah's actual serpent "stock", the fangs of the Azhi Dahaka are long and hinged like that of a viper. The wereserpent's hands sprout claws as terrible as those of any Garou, and their scales and scutes take on a supernatural resilience. Any scarification the Nagah has received stands out significantly in this form, often as patterns in the Azhi Dahaka's scales. The Nagah causes the full Delirium effect in this form; few humans can stand to look on such an embodiment of their primal fear of snakes.

Dying creature will do more than crash when it tries to dig claws into the stationary flesh of an earth-bound creature. Wings hearken back to the most ancient of birds, the archaeopteryx.



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