Azaneal is seemingly a powerful Baali methuselah, leader of a new Baali branch and believed to be the founder of the Angellis Ater. Elioud scholars of the Tal'Mahe'Ra however cite Azaneal as the name of a Second Generation vampire who had been partially diablerized by one or more Antediluvians, but he had managed to retreat as a manner of disembodied demonic spectre to a Qlippoth realm; if true the current being called Azaneal then would be the husk of a Baali methuselah of unknown name possessed by the demonic spectre of a Second Generation vampire.


Near the 11th century, Azaneal found the forgotten gate to Chorazin under what appeared to be "living shadows". Azaneal sought help from an infernalist faction of Lasombra from Valencia in order to open the gate. The Baali and his new allies discovered a city that was under Chorazin and the tomb of Namtaru.

While Namtaru was in torpor, he wrote powerful signs and words on the walls of his crypt, so anyone who entered became mad with knowledge. Only Azaneal survived the Frenzy, and with the new knowledge gained and the power of his fallen allies he reclaimed Chorazin for himself.

Azaneal called all the Baali to join him; many elders rejected him, but younger infernalists listened to his call, creating an internal war between the Baali. The purpose of Azaneal is to unite all the infernalists under his guidance and uncover all the secrets of Chorazin.

Eventually, he ascended to demonhood. He still resides in Chorazin's ruins into the Modern Nights, awaiting supplicants with whom to share his wisdom.

V20 TimelineEdit

The Order of Moloch was founded in the 13th century during the bloody conflict between the would-be shaitan Azaneal, his followers, and the unimpressed Baali elders of the Levant. This conflict led to the destruction and subversion of no small number of previously unassailable nests, broken by the dark powers resident in Chorazin that Azaneal commanded. The Order’s first action as an organized entity was to discard the Via Hyron's prohibition against blood sorcery. They invoked the teachings of the ashipu to collapse the ruins of Chorazin in on themselves and trapped Azaneal and the bulk of his brood in a prison warded with holy fire and sacred earth. They subsequently turned their attentions on any of his debased bloodline that managed to escape their sire’s fate, and expanded their operations in an effort to stamp out the infernalist errors promulgated by decadents and fools.



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