An Awd Goggie is the name of one of a species of chimerical caterpillars and allies, or servants, of the Sluagh.

Overview Edit

Old wives' tales have always held a host of creatures designed to frighten children into being good or staying out of trouble. Most of the beasties have been overly horrific in an almost cartoonish way; the fearsome caterpillar called Awd Goggie who lived in pantry cabinets is a perfect example of this sort of over-the-top outlandishness.

An awful lot of fear and imagination was put into these behavioral modifiers, however, so it was no surprise to the sluagh when chimerical versions of Awd Goggie and his ilk began to skulk around sluagh haunts. Most of this species of chimera are surprisingly pliable to sluagh wishes and many will actively work with sluagh to fulfill their original function. Indeed, all but forgotten by the children of the world, a great many of this type of chimera cling desperately to the companionship of the sluagh in hopes of fueling their existence and little while longer.

Other Myths Edit

Most myths actually have the Awd Goggie as living in orchards and forests.

References Edit

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