Avery Butterworth is an American freelance artist who has worked in many White Wolf games.


Avery’s work as a freelance illustrator has been featured in many White Wolf games and cards as well as a group exhibit Echo gallery Chicago. He has also self published two anthologies (CLUSTER) and a sketchbook (scribble, scribble) with Merger Studios. An artist collective co founded with photographer Allen S. Robst. Other credits include. The Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allan Poo vol. 2 form Shadowline/Image (all interior art), Heavy Metal Nov.08 (short story Calling The Deep), Red Scream magazine issue 0 (interior art). Red Scream magazine issue 1 (cover & interior art). Participant in the art book Hybrid by Ferret Press. Binder: Frail Blood, Dig Comics (back cover).


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