The Avatar, is a messianic figure of the vampiric religion known as Via Primordia.


According to the Primordian faith, the kindred were created long ago when the Three Primordian spirits decided to amuse themselves by possessing animals and men of those early days. Eventually the Three found themselves sharing the possession of a single body, which prevented them from abandoning those material forms.

Soon after becoming trapped in the material world, the Primordia discovered that food was insufficient to nourish their powers and were forced to feed on the life blood of others to sustain their abilities. The hybrids became known as vampires, but the Primordia inside their bodies forgot about their origins, splintering into many different spirit forms.

Primordians believe that the Avatar will be a perfect vampire that will act as the vessel to the Three Great Spirits reintegrate completely - into a single great spirit, according to some. So much power will tear the vampire vessel apart while setting the spiritual entities free, simultaneously reforming the universe in a more perfect or complete form.

Some say the appearance of the Avatar will be a spontaneous occurrence, while others say it will be a constructed mutation or even a new bloodline, but all agree on one thing: when the perfect one comes, all others must yield their essences to him so that he can integrate all spirits and recreate the world in his image.



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