Unconscious servants of Banality, the Autumn People are the quintessential party-poopers. They are the sticks-in-the-mud who do not believe in anything magical or special. They are very rational, thoughtful and exact in their dress and speech. Kithain can spot an Autumn Person right away. There are really two kinds of autumn people, spineless ones and aggressive ones. Spineless ones are lesser threats, although they raise the local Banality in the vicinity and encourage others to become spineless Autumn People. These pople are couch potatoes, video game junkies and anyone else who gambles, drinks or is otherwise harmfully addicted to something. The aggressive kind are the censors, the monitors, the mindless authoritarians who hate dreams and the Dreaming instinctively. An aggressive Autumn Person is the worst kind of mortal, and one to be avoided. A few such Autumn People seek the destruction of the Dreaming and are often found as allies of the Dauntain.

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