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Autumn Nightmares is a sourcebook for Changeling: The Lost. It contains details of the characters and creatures which are the main antagonists of Changelings, most notably other Changelings, the True Fae, and fetches. It uses the Autumn Court's emotion, fear, as its main theme.


From the Onyx Path catalog:

All the leaves are yellow,
All the grass is brown.
All the nights are longer,
Sun goes down.
Crows are in the branches,
Wolves are in the wild.
Others in the shadows,
Goodbye, child.
— Anonymous
This book includes:
  • Motivations, methods and examples from the antagonist changeling factions
  • In-depth treatment of the True Fae, complete with new potential Keepers
  • Expanded information on fetches, hobgoblins and human antagonists
  • Dozens of antagonists ready to drop into a chronicle

Prologue: As the Days Grow Shorter

Fiction. On Hallowee'n in Miami, a satyr of the Spring Court named Peter meets his lover, Nim, at a meeting of the Autumn Court.


Some advice on using Autumn as a setting, and fear as a theme, followed by a guide to the chapters that follow.

Chapter One: Rivals (Changelings & Mortals)

Details of the type and factions of Changelings who are considered dangerous by most Freeholds; these include the Mad, milita and bridge-burners. It also provides information on mortals, enchanted or otherwise, who might interact with Changelings.

Chapter Two: Gentle Lords and Fair Ladies (True Fae)

An in-depth discussion of the True Fae - their possible origins, nature, powers and limitations. Charlatans are also covered.

Chapter Three: Horrors Within, Horrors Without (Fetches & Hobgoblins)

This chapter details hobgoblins, creatures who dwell in the Hedge, and fetches, the duplicates left by the Gentry to replace stolen mortals.

Background Information

Memorable Quotes






True Fae



Arcadia, Changelings, Faerie, fetches, Goblin fruits, the Hedge, Hobgoblins, True Fae

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