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Autochthon, the Great Maker, is a Primordial in Exalted. He embodies the ideas of order, technology and science. His physical form contains the otherworldly realm of Autochthonia, which is home to his servants and worshippers (the Autochthonians) as well his his Exalted agents, the Alchemicals.


Along with Gaia, Autochthon sided with the gods in their war of rebellion against the other Primordials. Autochthon invented Exaltation and gave this secret to the gods, allowing them to get around the oaths they had sworn to never attack their Primordial masters. By the end of the conflict, all of the Primordials save for Autochthon and Gaia were either slain (becoming Neverborn) or imprisoned (becoming Yozi).

Following the war, Autochthon left Creation, taking a large population of his human followers with him inside his body, which formed into a vast world of its own. His body is composed of the five magical materials, and is thought to reside in Elsewhere, warded against interference from Creation by the Seal of Eight Divinities. His physical form exists as both the world and god of his followers; the world is distinguished from the personified god by the name "Autochthonia". All Autochthonians are linked to their god by their soulgems, although he does not communicate with them directly. Autochthon also created the Alchemical Exalted, the champions of the god and his realm.


  • Non-canon material written for MTAs: Ascension (book) Bullet-pdf.png Bullet-nip.png , but not ultimately used, indicate that Autochthon is the same entity as The Computer, aware of his existence in multiple iterations of the Cycle, which for him happen simultaneously.[1]
  • "Autobot" is a flippant (sometimes derogatory, sometimes affectionate) fan nickname for Autochthon. "Auto-kun" is a more consistently affectionate one.


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