Auspices are spiritual connections of the Uratha to Luna. The moon-sign that marks a werewolf’s First Change; a half-blessing, half-revelation of the first change. A Uratha has a loose role within Uratha society according to the omen of his First Change, mirroring the roles of Father Wolf.

Only the Tribes of the Moon possess Auspices. The Pure Ones burn themselves free from their Auspices during their Rite of Passage.

  • Irraka (ir-rah-kah): The auspice role of scout and silent hunter.
  • Ithaeur (ih-thay-ur): The auspice role of occultist, tasked to learn the secrets of mastery over spirits.
  • Cahalith (kuh-hall-ith): The auspice role of storyteller, vision-quester and lorekeeper.
  • Elodoth (ell-oh-doth): The auspice role of judge and arbiter among the Uratha and between the physical and spirit worlds.
  • Rahu (rah-hoo): The auspice role of warrior and howler at the full moon.

In addition, there are four rare Auspices connected to rare celestial events like eclipses.

  • Gishtahu: The Auspice role of the cannibal and martyr
  • Hiriraka: The Auspice role of the chaotic storm
  • Namm-Dar: The Auspice role of the adaptable pack member
  • Suharrahu: The Auspice role of the trickster warrior
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