Auspice is the term for the phase of the Moon under which a Garou was born. Other fera also have auspices, currently those are described on the pages for each kind of fera.


The Auspice defines the character's starting Rage, which Gifts he or she will be able to learn and his or her role in Garou society. There are five Auspices, as follow:

  • Ragabash - Garou born under the New Moon. Their role is the Trickster and Questioner of the Old-Ways.
  • Theurge - Garou born under a crescent moon. They are Shamans, more in contact with the spiritual world, the Umbra and the spirits.
  • Philodox - the Half-Moon are Judges and Mediators in Garou society. They usually are the leaders in time of peace.
  • Galliard - the ones who are born when the moon is Gibbous are the so-called Bards and Keepers of ancient Lore, who know of all the ancient legends and songs.
  • Ahroun - the Full Moon represents the war aspect of Luna (the Moon) and these Garou are the most fierce Warriors. They usually step into leadership during war-time.