Aurum pilgrim
Name: Aurum
Metal: Gold
Nickname(s): Mimics, Adamists
Transmutations: Deception, Mesmerism

Aurum is the Refinement of Gold, also known as Mortality. It is practiced by Prometheans who seek to pass as human and to understand the human condition, and thus the soul.

As most Prometheans lack the experience of "growing up" and learning about appropriate human behavior, those who follow Aurum seek to gain the experience and tools they need to understand humanity. Many Mimics measure themselves against their Lineage’s demiurge creator; some seek to become like them, others to avoid their pitiful example. Naysayers say that the Refinement of Gold is pointless and dangerous; Prometheans are simply not close enough to human to even begin to understand human nature.

Because of its nature of dealing with humanity, many Prometheans find themselves as Mimics either at the beginning or end of their Pilgrimage. Those who find it at the beginning tend to have been created around large urban areas, where there are plenty of humans to encounter. Those who turn into Mimics towards the end of their Promethean journey believe the path holds the last key pieces of ending their Saturnine Night.

Ulgans and Galateids are most often seen on the path of Aurum, as their very natures lead them to constant human contact. In contrast, Frankensteins are rarely seen with the Refinement of Gold, as they are usually spurned by humanity because of their appearance and attitudes.

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