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For auras as they are used in the Dark Ages setting, see Aura (DAV).

The Aura is an unusual energy that emanates from all living, undead and spiritual beings. It reflects both their nature (e.g. mortal, mage, or werewolf), as well as their current emotional state, in both the Classic World of Darkness and the Chronicles of Darkness.


Apart from reflecting the nature and emotional states, the auras also might reflect supernatural characteristics. In some cases, resonance or taint can also be reflected in one's aura. The auras of vampires who have committed diablerie also appear to be streaked through with black veins.

In Dark Ages: Vampire, a vampire's Road (or Path) rating affects the type of Aura they manifest. Similarly, in Mage: The Awakening, a mage's aura becomes easier for others to detect as the mage's Gnosis rating increases.

Aura Detection

Many supernatural beings possess some way to perceive and read auras. Examples of these abilities include:

Aura Colors

The colors change in sympathy with the subject’s emotional state, blending into new tones in a constantly dancing pattern. The stronger the emotions involved, the more intense the hues become. A skilled vampire can learn much from her subject by reading the nuances of color and brilliance in the aura’s flow.

  • Afraid: Orange
  • Aggressive: Purple
  • Angry: Red
  • Bitter: Brown
  • Calm: Light Blue
  • Compassionate: Pink
  • Conservative: Lavender
  • Depressed: Gray
  • Desirous or Lustful: Deep Red
  • Diablerist: Black veins in aura
  • Distrustful: Light Green
  • Envious: Dark Green
  • Excited: Violet
  • Generous: Rose
  • Happy: Vermilion
  • Hateful: Black
  • Idealistic: Yellow
  • Innocent: White
  • Lovestruck: Blue
  • Obsessed: Green
  • Sad: Silver
  • Spiritual: Gold
  • Suspicious: Dark Blue
  • Anxious: Auras appear scrambled like static or white noise
  • Confused: Mottled, shifting colors
  • Daydreaming: Sharp, flickering colors
  • Frenzied: Rapidly rippling colors
  • Psychotic: Hypnotic, swirling colors
  • Vampire: Aura colors are pale
  • Ghoul: Pale blotches in the aura
  • Magic User: Myriad sparkles in aura
  • Nephandus: Constant, black ripples across the aura
  • Werebeast: Bright, vibrant aura
  • Ghost: Weak, intermittent aura
  • Faerie: Rainbow highlights in aura
  • Kuei-Jin : Either like that of a Western vampire (if Yin-cycled) or slightly brighter (if Yang-cycled)
  • Imbued: Bright golden halo
  • Fallen: Plethora of rapid shifting colors that are difficult to discern
  • True Faith: Silver or gold halo, strength of faith determines the halo's brightness