Aunt Finny's Wheel is a Legendary Treasure of House Dougal.

Overview Edit

The Boggan Master, Lady Finny of the Kingdom of the White Sands, is the most talented seamstress of our time, and one of the few members of House Dougal who has made a treasure since the Resurgence. Her spinning wheel is made of blue alabaster, with the spokes of the main wheel forming the legs and body of a great spider. When Lady, or Aunt (as she prefers) Finny sits at her wheel, she spins silk from the wheel itself. And from her hands, the silk magically knits itself into clothing.

Clothes made from the wheel change color and size at the whim of the wearer for one year, then they fade away from existence. (This not seen as a problem in the decadent court of Queen Morganna.)

References Edit

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