Aulus Julius, known also as Julius Senex and just Senex, is a member of the Julii clan, the founder of Necropolis and the Camarilla, and the ruler of the Julii clan after his sire, Remus.

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In life, Aulus Julius was a distant relation to Rome's founder, Romulus. When Romulus executed his plan to kidnap the Sabine women, Aulus participated in the event but was unable to secure himself a wife. Remus happened by him that night, and seeing Julius' bitterness, he Embraced Julius, making him the second Julii vampire.

In undeath, Julius went with Remus and the two discovered the Etruscan catacombs beneath Rome, and there they created the dark parallel of the city above, named Necropolis. After Remus disappeared from Propinqui society, Julius assumed control of the Julii clan. On the one-hundredth year of Remus' disappearance, Julius swiftly removed himself and his clan from their debt to the Striges by destroying the unnamed clan that supported the Striges, and denouncing the Striges themselves to ever return to Rome. In doing so, he broke Remus' accord with the Striges, and laid the groundwork for the Julii's eventual ruin.

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