Originally an emissary from lords of Spain, Augusto Vidal has been the prince of New Orleans since 1770.

Recently, he struggled to keep his sanity. He is also strained by a three-way kind of war for rulership of the city, along with Antoine Savoy, the lord of the French Quarter, and Baron Cimitiere, voodoo leader. The situation is rendered even more dire, given that Vidal's last childe, an engineer called Emmanuel Costa, was killed by his own hand after he attempted to stage a coup against him, in 1812. Vidal has not sired another childe since; rumor has it he remains too heartbroken by the betrayal, but the true reason is much darker.

Vidal is a devout member of the Lancea et Sanctum, though he uses the title of "prince" rather than "bishop." The covenant's rituals take on a distinctly Catholic flavor in Vidal's domain, and for most of his reign he has been aggressively opposed to Voudoun and voudouisants on religious grounds, though it does not help that Baron Cimitiere, his longest-standing rival, is one of the most influential houngans in the city.

In 1915, however, Vidal and Cimitiere worked together on a magical ritual that would permanently fuse Cimitiere's patron loa, Baron Samedi, with Vidal's mortal form. Vidal hoped in this way to avoid torpor, thus allowing him to rule indefinitely; Cimitiere hoped his patron would use Vidal to aid the city's voudouisants. The ritual, however, went drastically wrong: Vidal, rather than gaining new powers, found himself sterile, unable to Embrace new childer or create ghouls.[1]

In modern nights, Vidal's reign has grown increasingly authoritarian as he struggles to stave off torpor and consolidate his power against Cimitiere and Savoy. He can no longer sustain himself with human blood, and so he cultivates a cult-like group of young vampires called the Storyville Coterie from whom he feeds in secret rituals. [2] He also maintains a fortress-like haven in the Central Business District called Perdido House, which is actually a 20-story office building. More and more of the court's business is carried out here, as Vidal feels safe nowhere else.[3]

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