Augustin is one of the members of the "Geheimrat" of Vienna, representing the interests of the Nosferatu.


Born as the son of farmers near Vienna, Augustin joined the army to find glory. During a battle at Graz in 1426, he was wounded and lauded as a hero. In the aftermath, he found his way into a marauding Landsknechtsrotte that stroke terror into the Austrian people. During this time, Augustin learned to make music and became the drummer of his regiment.

His fortune shifted when the rotte was sendt to a small village in the Steiermark. It had been ravaged by the Black Death, with all inhabitants dead. Augustin entered the village and heard the voice of a woman. Trying to rescue her from the place, he was instead attacked and Embraced by a deformed monstrosity.

Shocked by what he had become, Augustin fled to Vienna, where he lived on the graveyeards and drank the cold blood of the corpses of those who had died from the Black Death. Weakened through continued exposure to the sun during his daysleep, he was found and accepted by the Pawnbroker. At his saviours urging, Augustin became the representative of the Nosferatu in the Tremere's council, sendt to spy on the other members and alert his mentor if the Tremere would ever come closer to learn of their Clan's secrets.

Augustin is known to be addicted to the blood of drunkards and often feeds from them, believing that doing so protects his mind against any Tremere intrusions.


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