Auditors are members of an Alastor’s coterie that don’t hold a rank within the Camarilla.


Auditor is a loose term that describes kindred who serve Alastors. They are typically part of an Alastor’s coterie, and are non-ranking Kindred. They are not as well regarded as Alastors are, but no one will dare to say that publicly. Auditors can and do carry out tasks on behalf of Alastors, and most kindred realize, after a proper introduction, that the auditors speak and act when Alastors cannot.

Auditors also often operate in secret, helping out with a variety of tasks like: Masquerade clean up, haven or Domain maintenance, translating and encrypting messages, spying on the Anathema or her network, etc. Those who do are hoping to gain something like the honor of being named an Alastor, part of the Clan Trophy, or the attention of the Justicars for other reasons.


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