Attainments are spell-like effects that mages develop when they mature in power.


When a Mage shapes his soul following a Legacy or advances his Arcana, he gains unique abilities that reflect this spiritual development. Every Legacy can grant up to five attainments, with a rumored sixth attainment that marks Ascension.

An attainment resembles a spell, but it is more of a supernal ability. Attainments do not cost Mana or draw power from the chosen Watchtower of the mage, but instead utilize the power of the Awakened soul. Mages do not need to check for Paradox when using an attainment, no matter how improbable its use, and attainments do not invoke Dissonance in Sleeper witnesses. In fact, attainments do not read as magical under the gaze of Mage Sight. They appear to be mundane abilities, as inherent like venom for a cobra or the ability to fly for a bird. Any material effect caused by the attainment, however, is evident to anyone, including Sleepers.

Arcana AttainmentsEdit

  • Counter Spell, which allows an Initiate to attempt to dispel an imago woven with the Arcanum he has studied. The action is always a Clash of Wills.
  • Lesser Utility, which imparts the Apprentice with a power that fit into the purview of the Arcanum, but don’t map to the Practices and rely more on a general understanding of the Arcanum in question than of specific spells.
    • Mage Armor, which allows the Apprentice to draw upon the Arcanum in question to defend himself.
  • Targeted Summoning, which allows the Disciple to contact a contact a specific SUpernl entity via Supernal Summoning.
  • Greater Utility, which gives the Adept another power that fits into the purview of the Arcanum.
  • Create Rote, which allows a Master to codify an improvised Spell into a Rote.

Legacy AttainmentsEdit

Version DifferencesEdit

In Mage: The Awakening First Edition, Attainments were only available to Legacies and had three levels. In Mage: The Awakening Second Edition, experience in the use of an Arcanum also grants Attainments, and Legacies have now five levels.


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