Atlas Games is a publisher of roleplaying games, card games and board games. Atlas Games was founded in 1990 by John Nephew, a former employee of Lion Rampant (later White Wolf). Nephew struck a deal with his former employers in which he sold them a printer in exchange for the license to publish official licensed material for their roleplaying game, Ars Magica. This deal lasted from 1990 to 1991, and yielded the licensed books Tales of the Dark Ages, Festival of the Damned and South of the Sun. Atlas Games also published Blood Nativity, a brief introductory adventure licensed for Vampire: The Masquerade, in 1991; this adventure was actually written by White Wolf staffers using pseudonyms.

In 1996, Atlas Games obtained ownership of Ars Magica from Wizards of the Coast, who had themselves bought the game from White Wolf in 1994. The fourth edition of Ars Magica was released by Atlas later in 1996; the fifth edition of the game came in 2004. Almost all previous Ars Magica books, including those originally published by Lion Rampant/White Wolf, can currently be obtained from Atlas Games in PDF format.

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