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The Athenians are a faction of Trolls who believe that all fae sprang spontaneously into being from the dreams of humanity.



This faction is so named after the myth of the creation of Athena. According to legend, one day Zeus came down with a terrible headache. Unable to rid himself of it, he grasped his axe and split his forehead open. From the gap sprang the goddess Athena, fully grown and clothed. This myth is quite similar to the view these trolls have on the origin of the fae. According to their beliefs, all fae arose spontaneously from the dreams of humanity. Those who accept that the Tuatha de Danaan existed posit that they were merely the first of all the kith to appear, and that they were less distinct in their representation of dreams than later fae. Others even go so far as to suggest that Prodigals such as werewolves and vampires are merely more modern examples of the creative aspect of the dreams of humanity. Instances of violent subterranean creatures and twisted chimera emerging from blasted lands are taken as a sure sign that Autumn is upon the world and Winter cannot be far behind. If the dreams of humans have turned so dark as to spawn such monsters, it is indeed a grim omen. Needless to say, the Athenians are by far the most radical of the origin factions and are consequently the smallest.

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