The Asura is the Bastet name for the Wyrm, specifically its destructive and corrupting aspect.

The Bastet say that Cahlash, the original balanced Purifier of the Triat, is still out there, serving his purpose and courting wild Nala. The whole mess with Banes and other nasty things that plague Gaia comes from the Asura, a being that is the incarnated form of Cahlash's hate against his brother Rajah and his despair from his loneliness. When Cahlash ripped the Asura from himself, he hoped that the Asura would destroy the things of Rajah, but the Asura turned into a multitude of serpents that infested the world, leading to the creation of Banes, fomori, vampires, and other rotten things. All these things may seem to be different, but they all are Asura in his many faces.

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