Aspect Book: Air is a splatbook for Exalted First Edition, describing Air-aspected Terrestrial Exalted.

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The Azure Children of Mela
Sorcerers, savants and theologians of the Petitioner of Clouds, the Aspects of Air are the intellectuals and magicians of the Dragon-Blooded Host. Yet, these formidable Exalts are far more than scholars. With their deadly intellects and devotion to the Dragon of Strife, Aspects of Air are some of the Host's deadliest warriors. Foolish are those who fight against the wind.
The Tempestuous Knives of the Wind
Aspect Book: Air is the first Aspect Book for Exalted -- books detailing the different aspects of the Terrestrial Exalted. Herein are told the stories of five members of the aspect, from those who have just graduated secondary school to the musings of the venerable Tepet Arada. This book also contains Charms, rules and artifacts that Air-aspected characters need to claim their roles as sorcerers and soldiers of the mind.



Chapter One: Childhood and SelfEdit

Chapter Two: A Life of ObligationsEdit

Chapter Three: The World We RuleEdit

Chapter Four: Voices Not Our OwnEdit

Chapter Five: Records of the BeforeEdit

Chapter Six: Miracles of MelaEdit

Appendix I: Signature CharactersEdit

Appendix II: Other Notable Air AspectsEdit




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