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Ashur is a Cainite reputed to be an Antediluvian. He is depicted in many legends and myths, however, Noddists and occult scholars cannot agree on his identity, mainly because he is rumored to be the founder of the infernal Baali bloodline. It may be the case that multiple Antediluvians have used this alias, one of whom was the progenitor of the Baali. 

Members of Clan Hecata borrowed his name to establish a new bloodline, called Harbingers of Ashur. It's comprised of Cappadocian remnants and Harbingers of Skulls.

Possible Identities

The identity of the founder of the Baali is most often said to be Saulot, the founder of the Salubri. However, the claims that Ashur had a third eye, and therefore may have been Saulot, are often dismissed as Tremere propaganda against the Salubri by many scholars.

Some believe that Ashur is Cappadocius, founder of the Cappadocians. However, it is worth noting that at no time has anyone heard Cappadocius himself make use of that name, as it has always been ascribed to him in writing by others.

In some accounts, Ashur was not the name given to an Antediluvian, but the name of the place where the three Baali founders were Embraced – a place known as Ashur, which is presumably the same site that came to be the capital city of the Assyrian empire. The Old Clan Tzimisce believe that the Tzimisce Antediluvian traveled to the Orient before the Deluge, to a city of demon-worshippers that he struck down; they shared this legend among the Tal'Mahe'Ra. In one account of Gehenna, the ruins of Ashur served as the home of Rayzeel – possibly the last remaining childe of Saulot – who watched over the pit during the Final Nights.


  • "Ashur", from the old Assyrian Aššur, was the name of main deity of the Assyrians and the namesake of their capital city. The name of the modern state of Syria is a cognate of Aššur.