Ashukhi Corporation was a small and - for most investors - uninteresting imports company that would struggle for its very existence due to the lackluster performance of its CEO, Hoshi Ashukhi. This, however, changed, when he was hit by a truck and was approached by a tem-akh to be reborn as Amenti. Posing as his own nephew, he sold the company to himself for a paltry sum, and regained full control over it, beginning a path of investments in a bizarre mix of innovative new technologies and archaeological study that would baffle most analysts' understanding. The company's headquarters has also moved to Alexandria.[1]

Next to it, Ashukhi also invests into educational projects and other charitable causes a lot. Their new logo was an Egyptian rams head, one of the symbols used for the ba of Osiris. The company also cooperates with the Cult of Isis, aiding mummies who have recently died by granting them access to financial resources and an option to bury their assets before it falls into the wrong hands.[2]

Ashukhis main concern are people and in this, they differ greatly from the gargantuan corporation monstrosities like Pentex. They strive to combat Apophis hold on humanity by attacking his agents who have immersed themselves into human society and economy. Some Amenti, however, think that Ashukhis formation is already to late, as the corporation is nowhere able to compete against such corporations that profit from environmental disasters or corruption.[3]

Ashukhi recruits heavily from among the Sakhmu, particularly those who combine Effigy with technological proficiency.[4]

Ashukhi's Amenti attend seminars and product launches of many other corporations, subtly casting spells to discern whether those companies and their employees have fallen to darkness, making them experts in a sort of supernatural corporate espionage. They've been trying to set up an international corporate standards organization akin to the American Better Business Bureau, but thus far have made little headway. Hoshi Ashukhi is currently investigating a partnership with OmniMed about importing its products overseas, but something about executive Leila el-Sabeei makes him uncomfortable.

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