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The Ascension War in Mage: The Ascension is a battle over the very nature of reality and is the driving conflict in the metaplot. By advancing their metaphysical cause, each faction in the War seeks to control the Consensus and make their reality dominant - locking out the ability of rival factions to alter it without incurring heavy Paradox.



The war is fought by five distinct factions, though some are more powerful than others.

The Traditions

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The Council of Nine Mystick Traditions is the second-largest faction, and is the faction the player characters are assumed to join. They seek to restore humanity's faith in the fantastic and give them unlimited possibilities.

The Technocracy

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The Technocratic Union is the largest and most powerful faction. They seek to provide humanity with a safe world, free of unpredictable and dangerous "reality deviations".

The Marauders

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The Marauders are not a coherent group. They are mages fallen so deeply into Quiet that they have transcended Paradox - reality is defined by the Marauder rather than by the Consensus.

The Nephandi

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The Nephandi, also not a coherent group, seek to destroy reality altogether in order to make way for a new creation.

The Sleepers

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The Sleepers are all those who are not mages. They currently control the Consensus, though they have very little in the way of altering it.


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The Ascension War came to a head in the conclusion of the Mage: The Ascension metaplot, Ascension. Five scenarios were offered as possible endings.


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