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I'll Stand Beside You
Custos are boon companions, the acolytes, familiars, servants and sidekicks who follow mages on their mystick pursuits. Though unversed in the arts of True Magick, custos form a valuable part of mage society. These followers are more than simple "allies" — they often spell the difference between survival and damnation!
Though Heaven And Hell May Rise Against Us!
This sourcebook for Mage: The Ascension explores the often-neglected world of the mage's mortal partners. It includes:
  • Detailed rules, Merits and Flaws for Hedge Magic, Psychic Phenomena and unearthly abilities.
  • Mage/follower relationships, including recruitment, rewards and punishments and custos gone rogue.
  • Storytelling hints for acolytes, consors and familiars, a host of ready-made characters and more...

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