Written by: Nicky Rea, Teeuwynn and Phil Brucato
Developed by: Phil Brucato
System and E&D Assistance: Jennifer Hartshorn and Bill Bridges
Edited by: Cynthia Summers
Art Director: Richard Thomas
Layout and Typesetting: Kathleen Ryan
Production Assistance: Ash Arnett
Art: Jim Daly, Scott Johnson, Andrew Kudelka, Andy Trabbold, Omaha Perez, Tomm Coker, and Joshua Gabriel Timbrook.
Cover Art: David Martin
Cover Design: John Park
Special Thanks to: Oh Soon "Santa's Helper" Shropshire, for helping us all avoid getting weenie gifts.
Keith "Get of Fenris" Winkler, for adding spice to Bill's Germanic treat.
Danny "Toys -R-Us" Landers, for having more action figures than most retail outlets.
Rebecca "True Stories of the Warehouse Patrol" Schaefer, for becoming the forklift cop.
Diane "Whip-crackin' Good" Zamojski, for getting the wig, the whip, and the wherewithal to feed the family for free.
Louvie "Crash Course" Locklear, for becoming the latest contestant in the White Wolf demolition derby.
Eric "For Death We Lust" Turnbow, for making Jim's ears bleed on a daily basis.
Jim "Gotcha!" Souter, for tossing some bad birds into the coop where they belong.
Mike "Madness" Chaney, for getting his big break into Mage pages.
Emory "Heretic" Hestor, for putting a retarded GOD out to pasture in the Great Plains.
Brad "Master Mail" Butkovich, for keeping our customers' credit cards occupied.
R. Christian "Single White Male" Naberhause, for the revolving door he built for roommates.
Bill "Hunters Haunted" Bridges, for trading Numinous Twilight with the custos.
And Jen "Gothic Celt Chick" Hartshorn, for doing the "Love Beyond Ascension" twist with Phil.
Authors' Special Thanks: To John Baumgarten, without whom there might be no games here at all,
Pete Curtin, for help and support beyond the call of duty,
Bill and Jen, for helping out with some of the polish,
Wendy "Party Girl" Blackskin, for topping out a year with the Wolf,
and Phil "No False Modesty" Brucato, for his patience and insight.
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: 1995
Pages: 128
Year: 1995
Publication #: WW 04005
Reference #: ISBN 1-56504-430-4
Price: $15.00


From the White Wolf catalog:

I'll Stand Beside You
Custos are boon companions, the acolytes, familiars, servants and sidekicks who follow mages on their mystick pursuits. Though unversed in the arts of True Magick, custos form a valuable part of mage society. These followers are more than simple "allies" — they often spell the difference between survival and damnation!
Though Heaven And Hell May Rise Against Us!
This sourcebook for Mage: The Ascension explores the often-neglected world of the mage's mortal partners. It includes:
  • Detailed rules, Merits and Flaws for Hedge Magic, Psychic Phenomena and unearthly abilities.
  • Mage/follower relationships, including recruitment, rewards and punishments and custos gone rogue.
  • Storytelling hints for acolytes, consors and familiars, a host of ready-made characters and more...

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