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I'll Stand Beside You
Custos are boon companions, the acolytes, familiars, servants and sidekicks who follow mages on their mystick pursuits. Though unversed in the arts of True Magick, custos form a valuable part of mage society. These followers are more than simple "allies" — they often spell the difference between survival and damnation!
Though Heaven And Hell May Rise Against Us!
This sourcebook for Mage: The Ascension explores the often-neglected world of the mage's mortal partners. It includes:
  • Detailed rules, Merits and Flaws for Hedge Magic, Psychic Phenomena and unearthly abilities.
  • Mage/follower relationships, including recruitment, rewards and punishments and custos gone rogue.
  • Storytelling hints for acolytes, consors and familiars, a host of ready-made characters and more...


Chapter One: Who Be These Mortals?

This chapter explores custos in detail and is broken down into followers of Tradition mages, Technocrats, Nephandi and Marauders.

Chapter Two: Society of Servants

Exploring the internal and external relationships of the custos, this provides insight into their motivations, fellowships, and interactions with mages. Details for custos fellowships: the Crossovers, the Corpselight Connoiseurs, SysOps Inc., the Children of Springtime, the Lab Rats, the Oscars, the Great Unwashed, Red Flag, the Typing Pool, Hex Pariah, the Tinkerers.

Chapter Three: The Tale is Told

These are suggestions for Storytellers.

Chapter Four: Bones Clothed in Flesh

The rules for custos character reaction, including new Traits.

Chapter Five: Numina

These paranormal powers allow un-Awakened hedge mages and psychics to work some small amount of magic. Although Numina are limited, they transcend the supposed limits of technological reality and hearken back to more mystic times.

Chapter Six: Who's Who

Profiles of a bunch of custos, everything from servants to weird Horizon Realm beasties.

Background Information

Memorable Quotes


  • Rebecca "Annie" Goldman
  • Josh Snelling
  • Body Count (Floyd Thomas)
  • Sallow (John Bremmen)
  • Reynolds
  • Dr. Shayna Reed
  • Cody
  • Rev. Lonnie Ray Singer
  • Sharylin Polopolis (Shard)
  • Zoe Rowell (Zorro)
  • Kiril Zlatten
  • Nneka
  • Safira
  • Suzi
  • Squeek
  • Henry
  • Stoneheart
  • Persephone
  • Zaphrak


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