Asante Jua

Asante Jua.

Asante Jua is a Swara Bastet. He is a charming Bantu with perfect fashion sense, and is astute, well-spoken, and fluent in six languages. He is tall, lanky, and graceful, and has elegant mannerisms. He has close-cropped hair and a neat beard. He has a "pet" cheetah that is actually his male feline lover Brihen. The two Swara keep a palatial house with loyal servants in Botswana, and the two often vacation on the plains.

Before his First Change at 24, he worked as a porter, and then a manager at fancy hotel in Gaborone, where his years of service taught him etiquette and loathing. In the ten years since his change, he's used his charm and social grace to become a member of high society, and he financially supports himself by working as a criminal assassin. He uses knives or his own claws to kill, considering guns, spears, and explosives to be cowardly. To him, the ultimate measure of a man is how well and how stylishly he can kill. After the kill, he and Brihen celebrate with a ceremony in which hungry cheetah ghosts are sated with the blood of the victims, and then the corpse is dragged into the umbra and eaten. All that remains is the head, which he gives to his clients as proof of the killing.[1]


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