Asa Anderson is a Seelie Troll Wilder from the Isles of the Kingdom of Caledonia.


Asa Anderson

Asa is the jarl of the Shetlands. A wilder troll, she controls about thirty other trolls and assorted kith. While outwardly calm and secure, Asa is a whirl of doubt inside. As she has risen in power and responsibility, so have her fears. They have now become embodied in a nightmare chimera, the Stoorworm. This huge water drake has harassed Inverness and the Orkney and Shetland Isles of late. Its appearance in these waters and in her dreams have only added to her fears, and so the Stoorworm grows.

Because of her imposing appearance and her seeming confidence, Asa inspires great loyalty among her retainers. She doesn't realize that most would die for her, if she asked them to do so. In mortal seeming as Asa Anderson, she works in a small fish processing plant, running forklifts and taking care of shipping. The pay is surprisingly good, and Asa has saved a lot of money. She would like to open her own small-freight service, but self-doubt over whether she could make a go at it undermines her initiative.


Big-boned and muscular as a human, Asa towers over most every Kithain in Scotland when she's in her fae mien. Her skin is pale blue. Her hair, lips and eyes are a shade darker. She wears oilskin work clothes at the factory, but trades these in for light leather armor and a fur-lined tunic when acting as jarl.


Asa is polite, attentive, and cordial with her retainers. She never makes a threat unless she means to carry it through.


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