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* [[Sargon Fragment]]
* [[Sargon Fragment]]
* [[Sword of Nul]]
* [[Sword of Nul]]
* [[Sword of Troile]]
* [[Tablet of Destiny]]
* [[Tablet of Destiny]]
* [[True Vessel|The True Vessel]]
* [[True Vessel|The True Vessel]]

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Artifacts are rare, often sought-after items with special powers. The following lists cover some vampiric artifacts that play a role in the official canon, as well as templates found in game books.

List of major artifactsEdit

Powerful beyond imagination, the following artifacts are among the most valuable itens presented by VTM fiction.

List of minor artifactsEdit

These artifacts, listed by the source in which they were presented, generally do not make appearances outside of their original books. A few exceptions were adapted to Vampire: The Eternal Struggle cards and subsequently appeared in Jyhad-related fiction, however.

Players Guide to the SabbatEdit

Vampire Storytellers HandbookEdit

Vampire Players Guide Second EditionEdit

Note that these items do not appear in VTM: The Players Guide Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip.

Blood Sacrifice: The Thaumaturgy CompanionEdit

These items are all classified as "spontaneous talismans".

Kindred of the Ebony KingdomEdit

Unlike most artifacts and relics, these can be purchased by player characters using the Artifact Background.

Victorian Age: Vampire CompanionEdit

Transylvania ChroniclesEdit

Vampire: The Eternal StruggleEdit


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