Arthur Kilpatrick is a bail bondsman and the proprietor of a Santa Monica-based bail bond bureau.


Welcome to Kilpatrick 24-Hour Bail Bonds. My name's Arthur Kilpatrick. How can I help you?
  — Kilpatrick to the Player.

Kilpatrick is a small-time bail bondsman who hires bounty hunters, such as Carson. When the player character first meets Kilpatrick, one of his investigators (Carson) is missing. 

Like most of the characters the player can interact with in Santa Monica, Kilpatrick has too noticed that "lots of shady types movin in". He is also aware of Santa Monica's falling status, but seems to be unconcerned about this as he states "I'm in a good position to watch it all just slide right down the tubes, you know what I mean?".

Kilpatrick is quite friendly and he is always quick to help the Player with any questions they ask him. Kilpatrick also seems to be rather neutral on the raising crime in Santa Monica, stating that it "ain't bad for business", which not only reveals a lack of caring about Santa Monica, but his high love for his own business and store. While he likes a bold person, he takes offense if someone makes fun of his weight.


  • A Bounty For The Hunter - when first meeting Kilpatrick, he will tell the Player that his current and best bounty hunter, Carson, has gone missing. He asks the Player to find Carson for him as he cannot leave the 24-Hour Bail Bonds unattended.
  • Jumpin' The Bail - after completing A Bounty For the Hunter quest, Kilpatrick will ask the Player if they can do him one last favour in helping him track down a man called Mike Durbin, who has three warrants for his arrest and missed his last court date.



At the Santa Monica Medical Clinic, Kilpatrick's medical file can be found on Dr. Malcolm's computer in his office. According to the file, Kilpatrick has a severe tinea infection caused by untreated herpes, simplex 2.


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