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Ars Magica Revised Edition was the second edition of Lion Rampant's Ars Magica game, and the first to receive wide circulation.


From DriveThruRPG:

Ars Magica 2nd Edition at a Glance

   An award-winning game with award-winning rules and a unique magic system. Play powerful magi in Mythic Europe!

   The thorough core book provides everything you need to play, but you can always consult the extensive line of supplements.

What is Ars Magica 2nd Edition?

Ars Magica is a long-standing roleplaying game about magi in 13th century Europe. Explore mysteries and set off on adventure. Encounter mundane nobles and church higher-ups, faeries and demons. Perform powerful spells and learn new magical traditions.

Each of your stories will center on the covenant: the magi, their companions, and their Grog servants. You’ll get to play them all with Ars Magica’s unique troupe-style system. Your covenant is part mystical college, magical laboratory, Hermetic fortification, and bastion of secrecy.

Try Ars Magica and be prepared for a unique and compelling play experience.

Magic and Peril Await: Gameplay Basics

Ars Magica provides a unique fantasy roleplay experience with multiple characters and troupe-style play. Mechanics help streamline play so it’s not overwhelming to juggle it all.

This RPG features award-winning magic rules. Instead of a list of spells to choose from—and spend ages looking up in the manual—players create their desired effects on the spot. The result is a flexible yet simple system that keeps the focus where it should be—on the action.

Released in 1989, this edition of Ars Magica from Lion Rampant brought this groundbreaking, award-winning game to a wider audience with clarified and expanded rules and text, a color cover, and new artwork.

The 2nd edition of Ars Magica is currently out of print, but it is available in PDF.


0 - Introduction

The Medieval World, What's New?, Mechanics, Starting Out

1 - Character

Types of Characters, Creating the Character, The Character in Play

2 - Abilities

Talents, Skills, Knowledges

3 - Combat

Battles, Effects of Combat, Other Considerations

4 - Magic

The Magic Arts, Casting Spells, Certámen, Supernatural Powers

5 - Spells

Spell format, Spell description

6 - Laboratory

Basic Laboratory Activities, Magic Creations, Apprentices, Familiars, Arcane Experimentation

7 - Beastiary

Creating a Monster, Monster Description

8 - Saga

The Order of Hermes, Medieval Society, Saga Setting: the Mistridge Saga

9 - Storytelling

Being a Player, Being a Storyguide, Stories


Background Information

The revised edition was more polished and streamlined, and the book itself had a more professional looking layout. This edition was the first to get wide distribution, leading some fans to call it the One True Edition.

This book includes the first mentions of the Order of Hermes, though most of the details were left to a later supplement, Order of Hermes.

In 2016, Atlas Games (the current owner of Ars Magica) made a number of books from older editions available as PDFs, using high-quality scans and OCR.


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