Arnulf Jörmungandrsson is the founder and head of the Hall of Jörmungandr, a branch of Scandinavian Setites.


Arnulf Seamundsson (the name is not correct Norse, so it is either a mistranslation or a pseudonym) was a Norse merchant who traveled to Alexandria during the 9th century. There, he was introduced into a blood cult dedicated to the ancient god Set and finally granted the embrace by a member of the Followers of Set.

When Arnulf returned to Oslo, now known under the epithet Jörmungandrsson, he founded the Hall of Jörmungandr as a doomsday cult who worshipped Jörmungandr, the World-Serpent, after attempt to create a cult dedicated to Nidhöggr had failed. Arnulf declared Jörmungandr to be another facet of Apep, the serpent Set had worshipped during his active times, since he felt that the serpentine aspect of the Clan was important. Despite the fact that the influence of the Hall never became widespread, he gained a foothold into jewelry trade and fostered a small Setite colony far away from Egypt, that was able to pass themselves as vampires from other clans.

Arnulf eventually became primogen of Oslo, due the fact that many Kindred mistook him and his brood for Toreador. He lost this position after World War II because he supported the Germans too eagerly, but was named Keeper of Elysium instead. In recent nights, he has clashed with his childe and the Children of Loki, whose religious fervor make him uncomfortable.



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