Armando "Nines" Rodriguez is a prominent member of the Anarch Movement in the Anarch Free State, having achieved a great deal of popularity as a leader with the area's Unbound even before being involved in the events surrounding the death of Prince Sebastian LaCroix.[1]

Rodriguez can often be found in the Last Round bar in downtown L.A.


Rich bastards screwed the country- but did they suffer? No, the little people suffered
  — Nines Rodriguez

As one of a poverty-stricken family of nine, Armando learned responsibility at a young age, working hard to support his family at an early age. Still, a series of crises brought about by the state of the world during the Great Depression taught Rodriguez that hard work is not everything when the system itself is working against you. This lesson was reinforced when his younger brother died from an illness because the family could not afford the price the local doctor was demanding for treatment. He came to California to escape the Dust Bowl sometime between 1930-1940. He most likely came from Oklahoma or Arkansas, as these where the states that most of the Dust Bowl refugees who migrated to California came from. Like many of these Dust Bowl refugees who came to California looking to be hired as farm workers he would have only found squaller living conditions and discrimination from California natives. Though if his migration occurred before or after his brother's death is unknown. His Embrace finally gave him the power he needed to fight back against oppression.[2] At some point he began going by the nickname "Nines", possibly as a reminder of his family.

Nines is a rising star among the L.A.'s Anarchs in the modern nights, the main reason a lot of young Kindred join the Anarch Movement. He would probably be welcomed as a Baron if he chose, but he eschews those sorts of leadership roles. Maximillian Strauss hints that, were it not for his stated political affiliations, Rodriguez would be a useful ally of the Camarilla.

In LA by Night, Nines corrects Victor Temple who assumed he'd been present during the beginning of the Revolt of 1944; stating that only Isaac Abrams was there with Jeremey MacNeil from the beginning. Though he has also been stated to have fought in the revolt and is considered a war hero by many for his actions during the revolt. This means that he most likely was embraced during the early/middle part of the war as the revolt lasted seven years (1944-1951). This would also explain why many consider him a war hero if he was fighting and accomplishing great feats in battle as a fledgling/neonate. It should be noted that MacNeil is most likely not Nines' sire, who may have been killed shorty after Nines embrace based on Smiling Jack's explanation in Bloodlines that Nines was helping the games protagonist because he was also left sire-less. If what Jack said was the truth, it could be that soon after embracing Nines his sire was killed fighting in the revolt and MacNeil may have taken the young sire-less Nines under his wing.

At one point rival Anarch faction, referred to as the MacNeils, sets fire to his haven, despite Rodriguez being an ally of Jeremy MacNeil.[3]

Despite the Anarchs re-establishing themselves in Los Angeles, the war over the territory continues: the Camarilla, the Wan Kuei of San Francisco, and Tara Kearney of San Diego, and possibly even the Sabbat. While Rodriguez does not believe any vampire should rule another – including Barons – he finds himself needing to assume the mantle of leadership in the wake of MacNeil's disillusionment with the Free State experiment. Still, he is no field tactician, and finds himself uncertain where to direct his forces first.[4]


Background Information

  • Nines is voiced by Armando Valdes-Kennedy in VTM: Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines , which may be the origin of his first name as revealed in VTM: Beckett's Jyhad Diary .
  • Nines is portrayed by Luis Carazo in VTM: Vampire: The Masquerade: L.A. By Night .
  • The Malkavian PC in Bloodlines refer to Nines as "he of the numbered name."
  • Nines states a preference for firearms, but will train the player in hand-to-hand combat if certain conditions are met.
  • Rodriguez is not a quest-giver, but rather offers advice and warning. In late game play, Nines defeats a werewolf single-handedly, a rare feat, as solitary werewolves have been known to kill entire groups of Kindred.
  • It has been revealed on LA By Night that the werewolf Nines killed was very young, and he referred to it as "a pup."
  • In the Lone Wolf ending, Nines will meet up with, and attempt to recruit the PC to the Anarch cause, only to be coldly shunned via the player's middle finger.
  • PC game Headliner references Nines Rodriguez as the reporter of a story where genetically-unmodified Gary Golden isn't allowed to marry his highschool sweetheart Jeanette Voerman.



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